LPM: module reading group

Rich Bowen rbowen at rcbowen.com
Fri Aug 25 12:07:59 CDT 2000

ken.rietz at asbury.edu wrote:
> >  - It's probably a good idea to have a pumpking.  Volunteers?
> That's easy. I volunteer Rich. :-) (Told ya it was easy.)

Ho Ho. It is to laugh.
> I'll volunteer to be under-pumpking ... pumpviceroy ... uhh, what *do*
> you call it?

> >    I'll be
> >    last resort but I really am not super-familiar with CGI.  Or since
> >    CGI is so big, we could have a few pumpkings for different
> >    sections.  Thoughts on how to divide it up, what to tackle first,
> >    etc?
> I'm not familiar enough with the structure of CGI.pm to know. Ask the
> pumpking. :-)

First I suppose we should read the docs, and see what areas seem of most
interest. There is so much crap in there that we can just pick the parts
that interest us. Perhaps for this month, we can just peruse the docs,
and decide what we want to talk about for future meetings. I'll take a
look at the docs, and see what comes to mind.

> Definitely, have everyone read about it first. Then, someone who has a
> good grasp of it (and that could change from meeting to meeting) give an
> overview. Then we all can jump in with questions and try to work out the
> rougher parts together.

I have Lincoln Stein's book about CGI.pm (signed, even!) but someone has
borrowed it at the moment. If'When I get it back, perhaps I can make
some comments about how Lincoln tackles a reading of the module.

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