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Frank Price fprice at mis.net
Thu Aug 24 18:19:03 CDT 2000

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 10:41:35PM -0400, Rich Bowen wrote:
> For a starting module, I would recommend a module that is all Perl.
> Stuff like DBD/DBI which is mostly in C would be a stretch for almost
> all of us. CGI might be a good place to start, and has the added
> advantage that we could probably keep going on it for the better part of
> a year. And that it contains stuff from a very beginner level to quite
> complex stuff.

Given the votes so far CGI is the winner.  Unless there's a big
outpouring for something else, let's do it.  

A few more details:

 - Do we want to do this at the meeting, in lieu of our other meeting
   activities (a presentation)?  Seems there is support for this idea.

 - It's probably a good idea to have a pumpking.  Volunteers?  I'll be
   last resort but I really am not super-familiar with CGI.  Or since
   CGI is so big, we could have a few pumpkings for different
   sections.  Thoughts on how to divide it up, what to tackle first,

 - The book reading groups I've known work like this: beforehand you
   decide what book/chapters to read, and then you read them before
   the meeting.  The moderator usually brings a few questions/comments
   to get started, and then off you go.  Do we want to do it like that
   or some other way?

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