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ken.rietz at asbury.edu ken.rietz at asbury.edu
Wed Aug 23 22:01:02 CDT 2000

> > 
> ...
> > As for a starting module, well... seems like we'd need something
> > complex enough that it isn't immediately comprehensible but yet
> > accessible to many different people.  I'd suggest something 
> like CGI,
> > DBD, or POSIX (gulp).
> For a starting module, I would recommend a module that is all Perl.
> Stuff like DBD/DBI which is mostly in C would be a stretch for almost
> all of us. CGI might be a good place to start, and has the added
> advantage that we could probably keep going on it for the 
> better part of
> a year. And that it contains stuff from a very beginner level to quite
> complex stuff.

A few comments:

1. This sounds like a great idea! It keeps Rich from having to drum up
something new for each meeting, which wears really thin really fast. I'd
say we make the LPM meetings this sort of thing, unless something else
more important preempts it for a session.

2. I agree that DBD/DBI and POSIX both would seem very OS/CPU dependent.
There is a good chance that the *nix port and the ActiveState ports are
very different, making it hard to communicate cross-platform. I expect
that Net::* could have similar problems.

3. CGI is clearly practical, but I haven't used CGI.pm (mainly due to the
high level of static that Rich throws up about it). On the other hand, I
do know enough about it to know that it is very sophisticated (having both
subroutine and object-oriented interfaces, for one thing), and I am 
unlikely to try to wade through it myself. I'd vote for CGI.pm for starters.
We are not likely to run out of modules to study in the foreseeable future,

4. Once we get used to this, we could also begin to think about writing
some modules as a Perl Mongers group.

-- Ken Rietz

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