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Matt Cashner sungo at earthling.net
Wed Aug 23 18:17:39 CDT 2000

On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Frank Price wrote:

> Here's my take: a module reading group is like a regular (print book)
> reading group, except we do a close reading of Perl modules.  Each
> module would probably have a leader/moderator.  We could meet either
> on the list or before/during/after the physical meeting.  Each time,
> we take a chunk of the module and figure out what it does, how to use
> it, problems, limitations, interesting things about it, etc.

happy happy

> And we'd welcome and encourage both "advanced" users and newbies.  
> As for a starting module, well... seems like we'd need something
> complex enough that it isn't immediately comprehensible but yet
> accessible to many different people.  I'd suggest something like CGI,
> DBD, or POSIX (gulp).

i'd advise against DBD and POSIX. DBI and the DBDs tend to be in XS and C
which is going to be tough for those of perl bigots to discuss. :)  POSIX
also is extremly unixcentric and as i recall our only access at KET is to
win boxen so it would hard to test things using the module or demonstrate
example code.

CGI.pm or CGI_Lite would make good starting points. CGI.pm is probably
preferrable between the two because it is standard issue and we wont have
to do a "how to install modules" talk for the uber-newbies. though maybe
that's something we'll want to cover too.  

I've just been looking at the standard set for 5.6.0 and while there's
some nifty stuff in there, there's not a lot that would be good for a
first meeting. at least, imnho.  

but yeah, lets do this.  there are some pretty advanced modules i've been
meaning to troll through (rich, i give you one guess) if want an advanced
session at some point.  but yeah.. very cool.

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