LPM: module reading group

Frank Price fprice at mis.net
Wed Aug 23 17:47:48 CDT 2000

Hi LexPM,

At the last meeting we batted around the idea of doing a module
reading group.  I'm sending this to gauge interest and brainstorm
about how to do it.

Here's my take: a module reading group is like a regular (print book)
reading group, except we do a close reading of Perl modules.  Each
module would probably have a leader/moderator.  We could meet either
on the list or before/during/after the physical meeting.  Each time,
we take a chunk of the module and figure out what it does, how to use
it, problems, limitations, interesting things about it, etc.

And we'd welcome and encourage both "advanced" users and newbies.  

As for a starting module, well... seems like we'd need something
complex enough that it isn't immediately comprehensible but yet
accessible to many different people.  I'd suggest something like CGI,
DBD, or POSIX (gulp).

What do y'all think?

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