LPM: import question

Matt Cashner sungo at earthling.net
Sun Aug 13 13:10:13 CDT 2000

all right, you wizards gurus and other unsavory types, here's a question
for you.  i'm sort of reinventing the wheel here a bit. what i'm trying to
do is to require a series of modules and hand-run import on them but pass
into the import sub an event handler.  i'm hoping i can get the modules to
load subs into the event handler.   at run-time, the main driver runs a
readdir on the modules dir and uses that to form the require list.  so all
i know is a file name; package names could be anything.

i've gotten this to work if the modules dont declare a package (duh). but
i'm having some troubles with different package names.  any thoughts
anyone?  thanks all.

Matt Cashner
Web Applications Developer
Creative Group (http://www.cre8tivegroup.com)
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