LPM: Monday's meeting

Rich Bowen rbowen at rcbowen.com
Fri Aug 11 12:46:29 CDT 2000

David Hempy wrote:
> Two questions...
> I'm starting on a project for KET's TV schedule.  Dates and times are
> clearly a huge part of this.  This project will have clients in several
> time zones.  (Well, at least two...)  I'm a little fuzzy on gmtime and
> localtime, how to store times that will be used globally later, etc.  I'm
> sure there are issues I haven't even thought of yet.
> Anyone been through this before?  I would love to talk with others about
> this on Monday.

I've worked a little with dates and times. Perhaps I can muddy the
waters a little.
> Now for the important question...  How about wings this time?  There is a
> new wing delivery place I've been eager to
> try:  http://www.wingzone.com/  They're in Imperial Plaza, near KET, and
> will deliver to KET.  Is this better than pizza?


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