LPM: Monday

Joe Hourcle oneiros at dcr.net
Thu Aug 10 11:14:36 CDT 2000

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, David Pitts wrote:

> GD is Tom Boutell's (www.boutell.com) graphic designer package.  Lincoln
> Stein worked with Tom on porting it to Perl many moons ago.  Version 1.1.9
> is the last version to support GIF images - which is still available at CPAN
> and at Tom's site.  Since then, it uses PNG's and probably some other
> formats.  I use it to make graphics on the fly.

Yeah, it's really handy for making graphics from text...
(I hear it's good for graphing, too.)

For an example of it in use (makes a picture of an entry from the fortune



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