LPM: Monday

David Pitts dpitts at mk.net
Wed Aug 9 17:26:16 CDT 2000

GD is Tom Boutell's (www.boutell.com) graphic designer package.  Lincoln
Stein worked with Tom on porting it to Perl many moons ago.  Version 1.1.9
is the last version to support GIF images - which is still available at CPAN
and at Tom's site.  Since then, it uses PNG's and probably some other
formats.  I use it to make graphics on the fly.


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> On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Janine wrote:
> > Uh...what's GD?
> No idea what is stands for, but it used to make GIFs, it now makes PNGs.
> [well, it still makes GIFs, if you run older versions, before that whole
> GIF patent whining happened]
> um....
> -Joe

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