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Max max at alleged.net
Thu Oct 11 08:14:53 PDT 2012

Since this isn't particularly perl related, I think a better venue might 
be somewhere like stackoverflow.


On 10/11/12 10:56 AM, Robert Pike wrote:
> Not sure if anyone has had the need to do the following but I thought 
> I'd throw it out there. I have data displaying on a webpage 
> (dynamically generated) in a HTML table - 1 column for text, 1 for 
> images (if there are any), and 1 for more text. I want to have it so 
> that a row does not span 2 pages when printed (very much like what 
> page-break-inside: avoid seems to accomplish). In some cases the first 
> column's text can a few "lines" long or it could be 20 lines long, 
> causing the row to expand vertically and therefore span 2 pages. Since 
> the text (length, fonts, etc..,) and images (present or not, number 
> of) vary it makes it hard to maximize the number of questions per page 
> while staying within the constraints. If you know of a decent approach 
> to take to get the desired paging results I'd like to hear them. Cheers.
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