[kw-pm] Upcoming 'monger Meetings

Daniel R. Allen daniel at coder.com
Wed Sep 19 11:22:26 PDT 2007

The kw.pm meeting on the schedule for tomorrow has been postponed until
next month, because we don't even have enough regulars around to meet for
a social meeting. Feel free to log onto our IRC channel, #uc on
irc.perl.org and berate us for being in Ottawa/Toronto/California/lameness
this month.

But please save the dates:

October 18, abez will present on a domain-specific language for Perl
in Scheme.

November 15, fish will present on "Opcodes Illustrated": turning
Perl bytecode into pretty colour pictures.

December 20th is our annual Holiday Social.

We're looking for talk ideas for January!


ps- Happy Birthday wmat!

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