[kw-pm] Sen's Pledge

lloyd carr dcarr at sdf.lonestar.org
Sat Jun 2 18:08:39 PDT 2007

> Sitting... watching the game... 1-0 Ducks. Does anyone
> else in here get the feeling Vince McMahon has shares
> in the NHL? I mean this is the third straight year a
> Canadian team and a "southern" american team (with
> small fan bases) have made it to the finals. Will this
> be a third straight year a different southern american
> team wins it all? Think about it: a Canadian team to
> draw plenty of viewers, a southern american team wins
> the cup (which in most cases is the only way to draw
> fans). I'm wondering if next year the Leafs and the
> Sharks will get in and the Sharks will take it all and
> everyone knows if the Leafs make the playoffs, let
> alone get to the finals, there's probably a
> conspiracy.

How about a southern U.S. team moved to Waterloo ;)

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