[kw-pm] MJD presenting at a Very Special Toronto Perl Mongers meeting, Sat 13 May 2006

Eric Maki eric at uc.org
Fri Mar 31 08:04:56 PST 2006

And unfortunately I'm out of town 10-15th, and won't be able to
attend.  Anyone want to bring my copy of HOP to be signed?  I'll
make a desposit in your account at the KWPM beer bank.

Is there any chance that Fulko will be recording this?  I suspect
that MJD might go either way on that one.


---- original message : 2006-03-31 9:34am : Justin Wheeler ----

This is the weekend before my wedding, so I will be able to go.  I will be
taking my car, so I can (comfortably) bring 3 other people along with me, or
cram 4 people in the car with me if need be.

Let me know if you need a ride,


On Sat, 1 Apr 2006, Richard Dice wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've been working with Mark-Jason Dominus (MJD) over the past few months
> for him to give a talk to the Toronto Perl Mongers.  I have final
> confirmation now.  We're scheduling the talk for the afternoon of
> Saturday 13 May, duration of approx. 4 hours.  (Exact location
> information will be forthcoming.)
> I have attached here a note from MJD he asked me to distribute.  The
> main thrust of his speaking tour is in prepartion for his newest book,
> currently under constructions, "Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags".
>  He would like code contributions -- see details in his letter.  We'll
> get him to give a talk about this and also another from his repetoire.
> (See the "Free talks" section on http://perl.plover.com/yak/#free )
> Suggestions are welcome!
> The talk is free, but donations are both appreciated and needed!  The
> only support for this event is what comes from its attendees.  Thanks to
> all who have pledged already.
> Eric Maki has told me that he'd help organizer the KW.pm folks who might
>  want to attend.  If you have any questions about who MJD is, making a
> donation, etc., you can talk to either of us.  (Carpooling and more
> local type things Eric could handle much better than I.)
> Cheers,
> Richard
> (The following is verbatim from MJD.)
>        Dear Toronto Perl Mongers,
>        I'm coming to visit you on May 13 as part of my tour to gather
>        material for my new book, which I hope will be published in
>        2007.  The book is about code review and refactoring in Perl.
>        (For more complete information, please see
>        http://perl.plover.com/flagbook/ .)
>        To do the job right, I need real examples of real code that
>        other people wrote.  I'll review the code and fix it up, and
>        explain in the book what I did and why.
>        Please send me some code to look at so that I have something
>        to talk about on May 13.  I need it no later than Friday,
>        April 14, but sooner is better.
>        What I need: code for a program or module that is between 150
>        and 700 lines long, not counting comments or blank lines.
>        Also, you must be authorized to give me permission to use the
>        code in my book.
>        If I use your code in the talk, I will give you a free copy of
>        my last book, _Higher-Order Perl_.
>        (http://hop.perl.plover.com/) If I use your code in the new
>        book, you'll get a free copy of that when it comes out.
>        If you want more details about what I need, please see:
>                http://perl.plover.com/flagbook/contribute.html
>        To contribute, send code to:
>                mjd-contrib-tor at plover.com
>        Questions?   Send them to:
>                mjd at plover.com
>        Thanks.
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