[kw-pm] Perl6 Update

Eric - fishbot eric at uc.org
Thu Nov 25 16:56:57 CST 2004

Lloyd wrote:
> Offical? I don't recall a vote or anything ;-)

Well, that's why I put it in double quotes.  It's subject to

On that note, I nominate Lloyd qq{Official} kw.pm Parrot

Daniel wrote:
> I've wanted local packages before, so that sounds like a plus.

Really?  I'm curious how you planned to use those.  I tried
to think of a good example last night, and I couldn't.

In most of the cases where a lexical package makes some
sense, a lexical class seemed a bit better fit.

Interestingly, it would seem that you could create a global
subroutine within a lexical package.  I'm not sure what to
call that.  Perhaps a super-closure?  Not sure what you
would do with that.  Some sort of dispatcher to
package-subs accessible through that one point of entry
comes to mind, but you could do that with a normal package
with lexical subs.


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