[kw-pm] slides from October Meeting / November?

Daniel R. Allen daniel at coder.com
Mon Nov 1 16:24:23 CST 2004

On Sun, 31 Oct 2004, Eric - fishbot wrote:

> > Eric's offered to present one, on an unknown topic.  I
> > could present one myself- on the topic of rhyming
> > dictionaries.
> Rhyming dictionaries!  That sounds cool Daniel.  I vote for that.

Not sure how well it'll work, since I need to find that code...  I'll take
a look.

> I can do a 20 min. talk on map and grep -- something more
> practical than the Perl6 talk.  Anyone interested?

Sure, always more to learn about map and grep.  how about using map and
grep so they aren't write-only operations? I have to scratch my
head after looking at my nested maps/greps....  Which is probably why I
don't use them often.

> > Other topic suggestions for this or future meetings?
> > Databases / DBI?  (half intro-level; half tricks like
> > DBD::SQLite) hacking Bricolage CMS?
> Both sound great.
> Anyone else out there want to do a talk?  Anyone done anything
> cool lately they want to just show for discussion?
> Something I think that we could consider is asking some of the
> tpm people if they want to come out and do a talk they prepared
> for tpm for us.  Offer them free pizza and beer, perhaps.

Yes!  In any case I think we should plan to get a few pizzas for the next
meeting- since a bunch of us don't eat beforehand.  No beer in the lab,
unfortunately.  So bring a few bucks for slices. :)


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