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Christopher Calzonetti elbie at trig.net
Fri Dec 3 23:48:43 CST 2004

It came as a great surprise to me, but I just discovered that Moody Blues
is also now licensed.  But I'm flexible.  Whatever.
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> As Greg Fenton noted on the wiki page, Plantations Café is quieter, has
> lots of deserts, and most importantly, is licensed.  I just gave them a
> call and they have a small mix of beers in bottles and Pete's on tap.
> Sounds worth trying to me.
> So, what say all to trying there, Thursday the 9th, 7pm?
> If it turns out to be a bad idea, we're just across the street from
> Huethers. :)
> -Daniel
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> On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Eric - fishbot wrote:
>> > One question has anyone thought of trying to find a
>> > quieter venue than your typical bar? I have nothing
>> > against beer, but a place like moody blues where Daniel,
>> > Chris and I first met, with soft jazz in the background
>> > might be more conducive to conversation.
>> That's sort of funny.  I have a 'date' at Moody Blues
>> tonight, and Wednesday night I met people at the Huether.
>> I don't entirely disagree with you, Lloyd.  But, here is
>> where I do disagree:
>> - Moody Blues is a lovely place, perfect for two or three
>>   people to have a conversation over tea.  But five people
>>   around her little 20-inch tables would be unpleasantly
>>   crowded.  There is only one spot capable of holding five
>>   people comfortably, and if it is taken we would have to
>>   split up and rotate on a determined schedule.
>> - The Huether downstairs is -way- quieter than, say,
>>   FrontRow or even Mongolian Grill.  I was there with three
>>   other people the other night, and we sat and talked
>>   comfortably for two or three hours.  The closest occupied
>>   table was quite far away, and occupied by two women in
>>   their 60s.
>> All that said, I certainly take your point.  If anyone knows of a
>> quieter pub or a larger café, let's discuss further at:
>> http://kw.pm.org/wiki/index.cgi?PubSocial
>> Hope everyone has a great weekend,
>> Eric
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