[kw-pm] Speaker for next meeting?

Daniel R. Allen da at coder.com
Sat Oct 11 16:38:20 CDT 2003

Do we have a speaker / topic for the next meeting, which by my calendar
appears to be approaching fast- the regular time would be next Wed. or

Unfortunately, I've got a deadline for Friday so I can't offer to present

Unless people are excited by the idea of seeing (what looks like it will
be) a 100-line shopping-cart enhancement, to paint a preview of a
customized product via GD.pm.  Cons: it's javascript-intensive, and the
perl-code is short.  Pros: the perl-code is short, so it would be over
with quickly. :-)

If the Mongol Drinking went well, we could do that again.  Either, after,
or instead.  (Can you tell I'm not terribly enthusiastic about
presenting?) :-)


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