[kw-pm] How was YAPC::CA?

Daniel R. Allen da at coder.com
Thu May 29 11:33:35 CDT 2003

I can ask Toronto.pm members who said they'd love to come up to give a
talk, whether June is good for them.  Though, I'm a bit concerned about
whether our summer attendance might be light; I don't want to have
somebody visit and only 4 of us show!...

Maybe could I get a show of hands from people who are currently planning
to come to our meeting on the 19th?  Just drop me an email if you'd like
to come; not a firm committment.  I'll wait a few days then if there are
more than, say, 6, ask Toronto folx.

A question for list discussion: would a different day of week, or an
earlier meeting followed by going somewhere for food, make it more
attractive? :-)

In case you're curious, we've gotten offers for talks on Testing or
Class::DBI from Michael Graham; and "building PDFs on the fly" from
Richard Dice.  Any of these sound great; I missed both of Michael's talks
at YAPC::Canada.


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On 29 May 2003, Arguile wrote:

> On Wed, 2003-05-28 at 15:06, Daniel R. Allen wrote:
> [snip]
> >
> > > While we're at it, last meeting we had in town, we talked briefly about
> > > mod_perl as a possible topic for a talk.  Is whomever was the authority on
> > > that willing to put something together?
> >
> > Good question. ...
> Yes, I've been putting something together for that. I just realised
> however that I have to be at a wedding rehearsal that night...
> I can do it for the July one or if someone else familiar with mod_perl
> wants the slides I'm preparing to present that's possible. But they
> wouldn't work as stand alone, the presenter would need to be at least
> pretty familiar w/ mod_perl.
> Sorry for the trouble.
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