[kw-pm] Perl & XML review (fwd)

Stewart C. Russell scruss at sympatico.ca
Fri May 2 13:31:53 CDT 2003

Justin Wheeler wrote:
> Where would the members of this
> list suggest I go to start?

depends what you want to do. Is there a particular XML technology that you want to work with, like RSS?

> My main interest is in XML and XSL and how they 
> go together in Perl.

For XSLT, I've always used the Java based command line tools from Saxon and Xalan, sorry.

> I'm assuming you mean the Weston's bread 
> factory?

No, I think it's the City (Cafe|Bakery). The place with the bus ticket box as an honour payment system. And probably the best sourdough I've ever tasted.


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