[kw-pm] Perl & XML review (fwd)

Justin Wheeler pm at datademons.com
Fri May 2 09:28:26 CDT 2003

On Fri, 2 May 2003, Stewart C. Russell wrote:

> Daniel R. Allen quoted Lloyd in saying:
> >
> > Thanks O'Reilly, but if you have to pay $54.95
> > for this book, save your
> > money for one of their more worthy products.
> I'm afraid I have to say I haven't found many of
> O'Reilly's XML books worth what I paid for them.
> And I got a couple of them from Factory Direct at
> $19.99, and I still don't feel as if I got VFM.

While we're on the subject, I haven't dabbled in the XML-Perl mixture.

I tried to sit down and get a grasp on it, but I found more XML modules on
CPAN than you could shake a stick at.  Where would the members of this
list suggest I go to start?  I'm a Perl-XML newbie.  I know Perl, I know
XML, I don't know where to start when making them go together.

My main interest is in XML and XSL and how they go together in Perl.

> (a now-delurked Toronto Perl Monger, who envies that bread place you have in Kitchener.)

I'm assuming you mean the Weston's bread factory?  That place smells
awesome when driving by.  *drool*


There's 10 kinds of people in this world, those that understand binary,
and those that don't.

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