[Kc] February 11, 2014 Meeting

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Thu Feb 20 07:28:28 PST 2014

djgoku at gmail.com wrote on 2/19/14 10:24 PM:
> Notes from the meeting:
> * We spoke about using Moo(se).
> * The awesome power you have to create CLI application from your Moose class using MooseX::Getopt.
> * David showed us a way to create a simple array based class system with setters and getters that uses a similar syntax as Moo(se) use by using the little arrow syntax (->).
> * We spoke about packaging with PAR::Packer, Cava::Packer and another one that is can turn a web app into a desktop app using Chrome (TideSDK).
> * 5.20 (coming out in may 2014) will now have method signatures as experimental!
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I find these short write-ups very helpful. Thanks for posting.

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