[Kc] February meeting

Andrew Moore amoore at mooresystems.com
Wed Feb 9 06:43:56 PST 2011

Hey Gang -

It was good getting together with you guys last night. Thanks to John
and Jason for braving the weather and coming in from Lawrence. I hope
you guys make it back to another meeting soon!

A few interesting things came up. Here's just a recap:
- Another entry in the long-standing war for form generators, like
HTML::FormHandler and FormFu. I brought up Form::Sensible, which I've
started using. I also mentioned tying it in with DBIx::Class. For
that, see Form::Sensible::Reflector::DBIC, and check the latest
documentation for it in github, since the current release is rather
- John mentioned that they run a local CPAN mirror at Allen Press. I'm
going to twist your arm into giving us some kind of overview of how
you do that and how it helps you some night.
- There was also some discussion about finding some other Lawrence
perl hackers. So you guys from Sunflower cable, the Journal-world and
other perl shops out there, speak up! There may be enough of you guys
to get together for a pint out there, or just carpool into Barley's
next month.
- There was universal agreement about the educational benefits of
attending YAPC. I think this spring it's in Asheville NC. It's also
super cheap, so start preparing to talk your employer into footing the
bill for you to attend this year.

The 2nd Tuesday of March is the 8th, so I hope to see you all again next month!


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