[Kc] December meeting

Teal ironicface at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 13 00:31:02 PST 2011

On 12/13/2011 01:33 AM, David Nicol wrote:
> I've finally done something with Moose
> http://search.cpan.org/~davidnico/MooseX-Graph-Easy-StateMachine-0.01/lib/MooseX/Graph/Easy/StateMachine.pm
> which is in response to comments received after presenting
> Graph::Easy::StateMachine to a KCPM meeting some time ago.
> And I'm doing job search. So attending a networking event makes sense;
> count me in. Anyone else coming from the Missouri side? I'm trying to
> keep driving to a minimum as I don't know exactly how many miles the
> current hoopdi has left before the wubbling wheel falls off.
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I will be out of town.
Otherwise, I would carpool with you.


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