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Sat Apr 16 18:39:04 PDT 2011

Jonathan Otsuka wrote on 4/16/11 7:53 PM:
> I am torn on speed of app creation and learning the process. I am still new
> to building apps with catalyst. And I feel that manually creating CRUD is
> more work but you know what is going on vs depending on another module. How
> many use modules that implement CRUD vs manually creating CRUD actions in
> controllers?

+1 for the former.

I wrote (and use) CatalystX::CRUD because I was/am tired of re-inventing basic
CRUD actions all the time. I wrote (and use) Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst because
I was tired of writing the same basic code patterns all the time.



RDBO isn't for everyone. DBIC certainly has more (vocal anyway) adherents. And
RDGC and CXC presume that you want a certain kind of CRUD app that is infinitely
flexible, at the cost of some added complexity and number of files. There are
other good CRUD frameworks built on top of Catalyst. And I know many folks roll
their own, mostly so they can understand how it works and because they have a
particular vision for the architecture.

I read somewhere once that it's a rite of passage to write all your own code so
that you can learn how it works, and then having earned that education, the
first step becomes asking "what has CPAN got already?" instead. That was true
for me. That's the point at which I started contributing to CPAN too. So I think
it's good to do things the long, manual way, especially at first, because having
earned that inner knowledge, you can truly feel the gratitude at being able to
just type 'cpan install File::Slurp' instead of writing your own read_file()
over and over.

Call it Earned Laziness.

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