[Kc] February perl mongers meeting

Andrew Moore amoore at mooresystems.com
Fri Feb 5 17:59:23 PST 2010


The regularly scheduled February KCPM meeting falls on February 9th this month.

We had great turn-out and great conversation last month. I'd love to
see it continue this month.

One thing I'm interested in hearing about is what other groups do you
guys frequent? I know about a few that sound interesting:

* Agile KC - They typically meet at the Pizza Shoppe at 95th and Nall
and have well-attended and informative meetings
* Cowtown Computer Congress - I think we have a few overlapping
members. What's new from there?
* KCLUG - Does anyone from KCPM attend these? Are they interesting?
* Has the KC Web SIG folded into the KC .Net group? http://www.kcdotnet.com/
* I've heard a few details about a monthly meeting of a group of
technical folks at one of the restaurants in Mission Farms. I think
it's a Wednesday evening. Ring any bells?

Well, let me know if you can make it at 7pm at Barley's on Feb 9th. If
you RSVP, I'll know how large of a table to take over.


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