[Kc] Event Daemons in Perl

Stephen Clouse stephenclouse at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 14:20:33 PST 2010

A question for you all....

I have the upcoming task of rebuilding an awful piece of software here,
which is a network daemon that also fires off some scheduled events
(cron-style).  We clearly want to rebuild this in Perl, so we can leverage
our existing components (like our DBIx::Class schema and business logic).

So what is the Modern Perl method for building such an application?  I know
POE has been out there for ages, but is POE still considered the state of
the art in this realm of Perl?  Is there anything else worth considering?
(Anything that's built in Moose gets bonus points.)

Stephen Clouse <stephenclouse at gmail.com>
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