[Kc] billboard on I-35 uses perl

Jason Rush jason+kcpm at jlrush.com
Wed Oct 21 08:58:07 PDT 2009

>> Have you seen the billboard on I-35 south as you pass Mission Road?
>> It uses the default variable:
>> "I'll quit when cigarettes are $_ a pack."
> You must have added those double-quotes... The actual code must be
> mistakenly single-quoted, so $_ isn't interpolated. You'd think they would
> have caught that while escaping the ' in I'll.    :)
> Can someone take a picture for us out-of-towners?
> j
> Omaha.pm

The developer could have used the q quoting which would allow for
double and single quotes inside the message.

print q( "I'll quit when cigarettes are $_ a pack." );

I wish I had checked my email earlier, I would have brought my camera.
 I wonder how long it will take to fix it if it hasn't been fixed

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