[Kc] Catalyst and DBIx::Class

Jonathan Otsuka djgoku at gmail.com
Mon May 25 21:04:31 PDT 2009

This weekend I started a project which needed to access its data from  
SQL Server. Using the helper scripts provided from Catalyst  
(myapp_create.pl) and DBIC::Schema. When running the script which was  
connecting over ODBC, Result Classes (lib/MyApp/MyApp/Schema/Result/ 
*.pm) weren't being produced. I tried my question in #catalyst  
(irc.perl.org), but was told that it wasn't the helper script so I  
joined #dbix-class and ask my question. I was promptly asked questions  
about what the whole command I was running to try to create the Result  
Classes, and possible things to try which didn't work. Not long after,  
the same person asking me questions presented me with modules files to  
install, once installed I was able to produce Result Classes!!!

I am very thankful for Caelum in #dbix-class (he is the on that helped  
me, and created the modules/patches) for helping me.

I had other issues in trying to find the correct dbi connection string  
for SQL Server and ODBC. This is what I used:



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