[Kc] Frozen Perl 2009 conference

Andrew Moore amoore at mooresystems.com
Wed Jan 7 11:31:52 PST 2009

On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 1:16 PM, djgoku <djgoku at gmail.com> wrote:
> I haven't ever been to one of these or any conference for that matter
> (am browsing over the site now). What has everyone signed up for?

Hey Jonathan -

Glad to hear you're going. I just signed up for the conference itself.
That lets you go to all of the talks that you see on the schedule.
It's $40. Well, I think you're still a student, so you can get in for
$20, I think. The schedule is at
<http://www.frozen-perl.org/mpw2009/schedule> and you can move between
the two rooms between talks to get in on the ones that interest you.

I believe that brian d foy is teaching a "master class" on Friday, the
day before the conference. You can optionally sign up for that, too.
It's probably interesting, but certainly not mandatory.

If you'd like to stick around on Sunday, it looks like there's a
hackathon organizing. That's usually free, though chipping in for
pizza or something usually goes on. People just sit around buried in
their notebooks and punch code. It's interesting if you're involved
with a project that you know will be worked on then, or if you want to
get involved in one.

Keep your eye on the wiki as a lot of last minute organizing usually
goes on there, such as "Does anyone want to find good food around
here" or "I found a coat, whose is it?". Also, people will probably be
chatting in #fp during the conference.

Keep your eye out for me and I'll grab a burger and a beer with you!


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