[Kc] May Meeting

David Nicol davidnicol at gmail.com
Wed May 7 08:58:26 PDT 2008

in my experience having worked with visual studio as well as the "my
OS is my IDE"
combination of xterm and gvim windows, and lots of Makefile targets,
the only thing
that an IDE provides that would be a nice-to-have in gvim is flexible
keyword completion
that knows about the valid symbols available at any point.  Having
this prevents cycles
of compile/fix due to miscapitalizations, for instance.  That feature
is really the I in IDE
in my opinion, as the editing tool must know the language being
written in well enough
to provide the correct subset of available symbols in any context.

Making that happen in Perl would be massively tricky, as the possible
method names
that can follow an object are open-ended and late-bound.  The best
possible practical
situation would be to be aware of stylistic conventions and package
namespaces, as well
as some kind of heuristic about what package an obejct is blessed
into, which is also
not available information at editing time (unlike in C/C++, where it
can be found in
unambiguous and exhaustive declarations.)

Does Komodo provide method name suggestions?

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