[Kc] May Meeting

Randall Munden randall.munden at gmail.com
Tue May 6 19:02:30 PDT 2008

I'm mostly through the cat toot.  There were a couple of
inconsistencies in the toot but I worked through them with minimal
head scratching.  I had done some mason in the past (and it worked
really great for what I was trying to accomplish)  and some work with
the mess that is struts, catalyst was rather refreshing.

I like catalyst, probably because it does things in a pearlish way
(and I'm soft and pearlish on the inside...not to be confused with my
outside which is a little soft and pear-shaped).

On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 8:42 PM, Sterling Hanenkamp
<sterling at hanenkamp.com> wrote:
> On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 7:15 PM, Jay Hannah <jay at jays.net> wrote:
> >
> > On May 6, 2008, at 5:13 PM, Kit Peters wrote:
> > > You might even get mst to cry out, "FOR FUCK'S SAKE!".  :)
> >
> > Usually written simply as "ffs".   :)
> But if you really want to see mst excited, join #jifty and start talking
> about using it for your really big next project and how Jifty looks soooo
> much cooler than Catalyst...
> Cheers.
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