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Sterling Hanenkamp sterling at hanenkamp.com
Thu Jul 31 08:50:13 PDT 2008

I recently started a contract with Grant Street Group in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm
working from my home in Manhattan, Kansas.  We are in strong need of good
Perl developers in the near future. I've pasted in the official listing
below, but just to give my personal two cents:

It's a good company and the work is challenging. My co-workers include a
number of excellent Perl developers and Linux System Admins. The management
is very supportive of the development staff and listens carefully to our
concerns. We have a very knowledgeable customer support staff that helps us
figure out what the customer needs so we can deliver.

Our development is on the LAMP platform with clients strongly encouraged to
use Firefox. Our developers use their choice of workstation running Windows
or Mac OS X, with at least one developer using Linux. Much of our
development is done on a Linux terminal. We do a lot of Catalyst,
DBIx::Class, and Class::DBI development (that's just the tip of the
iceberg). We contribute back to CPAN where we can and we're working on
making the process for doing so better.

There are also places we need help and could do better. New ideas are
welcome and considered carefully. I'd personally like to see more quality
developers hired since we just discussed the amount of work we've got to do
for the next couple years and the more help we have, the more we can do and
the better we can do it.

Finally, the company is very friendly to both families and singles. We just
had our company picnic and they paid to fly my wife and son to Pittsburgh
for it. Our administrative staff did more than I expected to make the
arrangements work. There was also a Rock Band party at one of the dev's
houses after the picnic. The benefits package (salary/health/bonus/etc.) for
employees is excellent, in my opinion. GSG also hires contractors if you
prefer to work more independently at an hourly rate.

The official posting pasted below from

You can contact me or follow the instructions at the link above if you want
more information.


 *Department:* Software Development
> *Location:*      Pittsburgh, PA
>    *We Are Still Hiring Experienced Perl Developers!*  *
> Job Description*
> Interested in Open Source technologies? Are you a LAMP expert? Perl guru?
> Since early last year, we have hired or contracted with six new Perl
> developers, and we still need more skilled software engineers to add to our
> friendly and very talented team of fifteen developers.
> Grant Street Group is a growing software company in downtown Pittsburgh. We
> use a LAMP architecture to build and operate customized Web applications
> used by large financial institutions and government entities to support a
> variety of financial transactions.
> Required experience:
>    - Expert Perl programming experience in a Unix environment
>    - Far above average coding skills
>    - Expertise in relational databases and SQL
>    - Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS
>    - Proficiency with Apache and mod_perl
>    - Excellent organizational, decision-making, and communication skills
>    - Excellent grades and a track record of success
> Experience with any of the following is helpful:
>    - Test-driven development
>    - MySQL
>    - CVS, Subversion
>    - Numerical and financial calculations
>    - Production Web environments
>    - Linux server system administration and troubleshooting
> Grant Street Group's culture reflects emphasis on teamwork, high standards,
> individual responsibility, and work/family balance.
> We are interested in contract, contract-for-hire or permanent hires.
> On-site and telecommuting positions are available.
> Grant Street Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate
> based on race, color, sex, religion or national origin.
> Please email your resume in MS Word, RTF, HTML, or ASCII text format to the
> address below. If you wish to enclose a cover letter, please include it in
> the body of your email message.21464-CJB-0 at grantstreet.hrmdirect.com
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