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Randall Munden randall.munden at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 11:20:39 PST 2008

Yep, I said it but it doesn't have to be POE -- the last IRC bot I
wrote was pre-POE.  Ask yourself what you are amazing at, or good at,
or even suck at that you might have some insight you could to transfer
to others.  Package it into a 15 minute outline -- let's face it we're
perl mongers and keeping our attention for more than 15 minutes is
going to be similar to herding cats -- and figure out how to tell (or
better yet show) the rest of us.

You've got the neatest vi[m] (sorry we don't want to hear about how
cool emacs is) hack ever and it won't take you 15 mikes to show off?
Fine.  Tell us.  I've found some of the most useful info I've ever
picked up were small bits and pieces that others use everyday and I
had never encountered or was too lazy to dig into.

Also note the implication that it doesn't have to be perl related
either.  Perl mongers are all over the place when it comes to
mongering  -- it's part of the personality type.  Don't have anything
to show off?  Got a problem with some code at work?  Have you ever
seen the race that starts when you ask a group of mongers to solve a
code problem?  It doesn't even have to be perl.

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 4:10 PM, Andrew Moore <amoore at mooresystems.com> wrote:
>  Hey KC Mongers -
>  The March meeting is less than 2 weeks away. It's on Tuesday, March 11
>  at 7pm. I just called Barley's in Lenexa and set up a table for us on
>  the "Bandstand" are at 7pm. I told them 6 people, but I guess we might
>  go over that. If you don't come very often and are thinking of coming
>  this time, please let me know. If there are many of us, I'll get a
>  bigger table.
>  Last month, while discussing potential topics for this month. someone
>  mentioned using POE. (Now I can't recall who mentioned it. Randall,
>  maybe?) Anyway, let's declare this month "Month of the POE". If you've
>  used POE for something, be prepared to tell us a little about it. If
>  you've wanted to use POE for something, be prepared to ask about it.
>  http://poe.perl.org/
>  I always thought that POE was just good for IRC bots, but I've been
>  informed that it can do more.
>  As always, other perl related topics are welcome and encouraged, as
>  well as other computer or beer related topics.
>  See you guys on Tuesday, March 11 at Barley's in Lenexa on Midland.
>  -Andy
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