[Kc] subroutine parameter list

James Carman developer at peelle.org
Thu Apr 10 09:49:46 PDT 2008

> Ironically, prefixing the call with '&' bypasses what little prototyping
> support Perl has. 

I did not know that. Thanks for the info. Sounds like we need to add some good practice rules around here.

> I'm curious, where did you get the habit of writing your calls that way?
> In general, where does anybody get that habit? If it is a book, please
> do us all a favor and take that book to your local recycling center at
> your earliest convenience. :-D 

Actually Yes. The subroutine chapter of Learning Perl(The O'reilly one.) uses '&' in front of all of it's called subroutines. :-D Do you think someone should e-mail Phoenix, or Schwartz about that for future editions?


James J. Carman

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