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On 9/19/07, djgoku <djgoku at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 9/19/07, Eric Wilhelm <scratchcomputing at gmail.com> wrote:
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> > >warnings are pretty early on seems to start on page 24 with 'perl -w
> > > script.pl'
> >
> > As of (roughly) v5.6.2, -w is different though.  See perlrun and then
> > perllexwarn.  With '-w', you're enabling warnings globally -- on all of
> > the modules being loaded.  This is sometimes nice to check, but (e.g.
> > in tests) not if the modules weren't tested with warnings enabled.
> I was meaning both 'use (strict and warnings)' from inside the script.
> Like the code fragments you posted.
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Thanks for the feedback guys! Just to answer some questions out there, I am
familiar with the -w switch as well as strict. The class that I am taking is
through Oreilly Media and they use the *Learning Perl* book from Oreilly
except that the instructor has not covered warnings or strict yet. Where as
in the *Perl by Example* book that I was using prior to the class mentioned
this early.

In this exercise the instructor was asking that I use the pre-defined
environment variable hash that is discussed in this lesson, which is print
%ENV; so that is why I created the script as a hash originally. I'm just
confused as to why it only prints out 3 and skips every other one.
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