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Teal ironicface at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 17 17:04:19 PDT 2007

djgoku wrote:
> What is the best way to keep track that a certain file is the same one
> that has been previously looked/opened at.
> I thought MD5 sums would be a good way but it seems that with the
> files I am working with (excel spreadsheets) this isn't a viable
> solution. Since once you open an excel spreadsheet (and not making any
> changes) somehow modifies the MD5 sum. One way to fix this (fix it so
> I don't change the MD5 when using my parser) is to copy the file then
> open the copy and delete the copy afterwords. But I am not sure this
> is the best solution, since I can't stop others from opening the file
> in turn changing the MD5. My current solution is to use file path,
> filename, file size/modified/changed to determine if this is the same
> file I have parsed previously which is saved in a text file
> (filename.info). This file is then later parsed if the same
> filename.info exist when running my parser.
> Jonathan

If you are just doing a pass over all files in a directory or set of 
why not use the system command "dir /s /b *.xls >files.txt"
This will create a file with a list of all the excel files in your path.
Then load the list and run through each name.

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