[Kc] perl and cdosys?

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Sat Mar 10 08:52:59 PST 2007

On Mar 10, 2007, at 2:42 AM, C.J. Scheppers wrote:

> Hello fellow Perl Mongers!
> I am trying to write a perl call to a web host's CDOSYS email
> interface.  The web host provides a visual basic script to do this
> but since everything I have written for the site is in perl, I'd like
> to write the email call in perl, too.  This will be an auto-responder
> when someone completes a form.  I succeeded (with help from an
> on-line article which I cannot find again)  in adapting perl for a
> call to CDONTS on another web host for a different client.  But this
> time, it's CDOSYS on the present client's web host.  I can send one 	
> email with the code at the bottom of the page, but only one, and then
> I have to wait many hours before another one can be sent.  It doesn't
> seem to be reliable.  Sending two emails in succession (one to buyer
> and one to seller) results in no emails sent at all.
> Anybody have a comment on this?  Point me in a direction?  I searched
> the web for info, found hundreds of examples of VB and CDOSYS but
> none for perl and CDOSYS.  It's even hard to find useful info on
> CDOSYS.  Perl reads so well and other languages are so bizarre!


I haven't worked with win32 OLE for awhile, but it reading VB -> Perl  
was very similar.
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