[Kc] tuesday the 13th at 7, planet sub

David Nicol davidnicol at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 14:43:36 PDT 2006

Although the web page is not updated and should IMO merely link to the
mailing list archive, wherever that is, next tuesday we will meet.  I'm willing
to talk about the monty hall problem, and what aspect about it -- the nonrandom
revealing of the bad choice -- makes it work, but hopefully that will not take
up much time and I am not going to introduce the topic unless asked.

I can also talk about what it took to write a perl interface to the
SEE ecmascript
engine and why the work isn't on CPAN yet

Outside of me, there should be discussion of preparations for YAPC::NA in
Chicago, discussion of what to expect at a YAPC, and of course sandwiches and

David L Nicol

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