[Kc] Using Perl

Garrett Goebel ggoebel at goebel.ws
Wed Jul 26 10:58:40 PDT 2006

Using Perl for sysadmin tasks was how I got started too.

Did you read the article about SysInternals and Winternals being  
bought by Microsoft?  Download their source code while you can ;)

If you don't mind constructive criticism, consider posting your  
script to the list. There's nothing that delurks list subscribers  
better than posting code that they feel they could have done  
better ;)  And you get the added benefit of seeing the different ways  
people might approach solving the same problem.

We used to do a variant of Perl Golf (http://www.xs4all.nl/~thospel/ 
golf/rules.html)... where those who decided to participate could aim  
for either the shortest script (standard golf) or the fastest script.



On Jul 20, 2006, at 7:22 PM, djgoku wrote:

> So I was need of a program that read in information from a file
> (comments + list of hostname/IPs) and spew out a batch file. Needless
> to say I used Perl, used some Regexp for the first time outside of the
> book I am reading. Though I didn't get it right the first time after
> some debugging and thought I got it working. All the batch file does
> is (call psshutdown.exe sysinterals program) try to shutdown the list
> of hostname/IPs that was read from the input file.
> Either way it was neat to create something other than exercises.
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