[Kc] July meeting - YAPC::NA Chicago report

Andrew Moore amoore at mooresystems.com
Tue Jul 4 10:09:05 PDT 2006

Hi KC Mongers:

The second Tuesday of July is the 11th.

I headed off to Chicago for YAPC::NA last week and attended some
pretty interesting talks. I'll try to be at this month's meeting to
recap some of them for you. They certainly motivated me to write more
and better code. Maybe chatting about it with you will motivate you,

Some that stick out in my mind:

* Andy Lester's "Get Out of Technical Debt Now!"

* Chris Dolan's "How Perl::Critic Facilitates Code Best Practices"

* Luke Closs's "Automated Web Testing with Selenium"

* chromatic's "Perl Hacks You Never Imagined"
  (I had never imagined them, and am not sure if I can even recount

* Ben Collins-Sussman's "Subversion Best Practices"
  (though there may not be much perlish related here)

* Andy Lester's "Pragmatic Job Hunting" Similar to older slides:
  (Can you tell I dig listening to Lester?)

I'm looking forward to seeing you all (and any new folks?) next


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