[Kc] calendar

Tony Chesser-Evans tmchesser at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 20:38:04 PDT 2006

Fellow Perl Mongers,

For those of you who have Google Calendar, I've established a "Kansas
City Open Source computing calendar."  It's public, so you should be
able to find it pretty easily.  At the moment, I've got PM meetings in
there.  I'm looking for any other Kansas City area Linux, Perl, Ruby,
MySQL, PHP etc. groups who would like to be included.  I'd love to
populate it with enough meetings, events, installfests, demos, etc.
that the whole community of such people throughout the KC Metro area
could easily get acquainted.  Consequently, if you know of some other,
applicable groups, please have some PoC for the group get ahold of me,
and I'd be happy to add their events to the calendar.  Alternately, I
can delegate that function to others as needed.

Note:  if you've got a better name for it, I'm open to suggestions.


Tony Chesser-Evans

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