[Kc] Re: kc Digest, Vol 9, Issue 1

Todd Harris harris at cshl.edu
Sat Mar 6 08:20:37 CST 2004

This resent - bounced the first time due to email changes...

Hi all - 

I've delurked a few times in the past, but rudely, not officially introduced

My name is Todd Harris, I'm a biologist, currently living between the plaza
and westport after a long hiatus from KC.  It'd be fun to hang out with some
other perl mongers, so I'll see you at the next meeting!

Re: Perl on OS X.
C.J., I'm not understanding why you are having problems getting Perl running
on OS X. It comes preinstalled, Panther ships with 5.8.1.  And almost every
module builds fine from MCPAN.  If you need some help, please let me know.


> On 3/5/04 7:03 PM, CHAS SCHeppers wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm looking forward to the perl mongers meeting next
> Tuesday, March 9.  I'll bring a book on Cold Fushion
> for Garrett to see.
> I'm also trying to get perl to run on an Apple OSX
> system but it is as productive as talking to a
> fencepost.
> C.J.
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