[Kc] o'reilly safari.

David Nicol davidnicol at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 01:55:38 CST 2004

<p>This month our group signed up for the Affiliate Program at Safari
Books Online. Now when you sign up for Safari through our organization
you can access the electronic versions of thousands of technical books
and support our organization at the same time. Try Safari FREE for 14
days, but be sure to click through <a
href="http://safari.oreilly.com/?a=102622">here<a> so our group can
earn a referral fee! <br><br> Safari's e-reference library is an
impressive resource to access thousands of technical books online.
With Safari's powerful search capabilities you can zero in on answers
to your questions in a matter of seconds. You can read the books on
your bookshelf from cover to cover, or simply flip to the page you
need. And now you can even download chapters for viewing offline. Try
it free.</p>
David L Nicol
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