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Brandon Ward brandonward at kcpipeband.org
Mon Sep 15 14:57:13 CDT 2003

Electronic Controls Assembly Company (ECA) is currently looking for an 
experienced individual to extract data from our preexisting database, 
setup a new database, design a new user interface and connect the 
existing data.


1. Experience using Microsoft Access 97, with the ability to extract the 
data from our current database.

2. Middleware must be written with PHP, Perl, Python, JSP, Ruby, etc. 
Must be OS independent.

3. Must use the DBI or equavalent. Software must be written to interface 
with any database backend.

4. Middleware must be able to generate PDFs for printing on dot-matrix 
and laser printers. You can accomplish this with Ghostscript, LaTeX, 
Docbook, etc. – as long as we get a PDF at the end.

5. User interface must be web based and secure.

6. Database backend must be able to run on a Linux server.

Interested individuals or companies should submit their 
portfolio/creditials/relevant expereience and their pricing framework. 
We will then provide a specification to which a specific time and price 
quote can be written.

Thank you,

Brandon Ward
Network Administrator
ecacomp at sbcglobal.net

Electronic Controls Assembly Company
886 North Jan-Mar Court
Olathe, Kansas 66105

(P) 913-780-0035
(F) 913-780-0037

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