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At 06:13 PM 9/3/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>What is your opinion of the "2nd" Perl book I should get.  I have Perl for
>Dummies and the O'Reilly Perl/CGI books.

By "O'Reilly Perl/CGI books" do you mean the "Camel" book?  ;)  What I mean 
is, do you have Programming Perl (3rd Edition)?  It's a great reference 
book and definitely the most used book on my shelf.

I've also occasionally used the Perl Cookbook by Tom Christiansen & Nathan 
Torkington (another O'Reilly book).  It's full of "recipes" to accomplish 
common tasks in Perl.

Of course, I also have the Mastering Regular Expressions, Programming the 
Perl DBI and Perl Graphics Programming, but I haven't used them much (I 
just recently got the Perl Graphics Programming book for an upcoming 
project creating graphs where I expect I'll use it).   I learned enough 
about regular expressions to get by in the Camel book and I picked up the 
DBI from examples.



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