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O'Reilly UG Program News--Just for User Group Leaders
October 31, 2003
-CD copies of Mac Developer Journal issue number one for your members
-Do You Have a Tip, Suggestion, or Question to Share?
-Put Up an Emerging Technology Conference Banner, Get a Free Book

Book Info
***Review books are available 
Copies of our books are available for your members to review--
send me an email and please include the book order number on 
your request. Let me know if you need your book by a certain 
Allow at least four weeks for shipping. 

***Please send copies of your book reviews
Email me a copy of your newsletters or book review.
For tips and suggestions on writing book reviews, go to:

***Discount information
Don't forget to remind your members about our 20% discount on 
O'Reilly books and conferences. Just use code DSUG.

***Group purchases with better discounts are available
Please let me know if you are interested and I can put you in 
touch with our sales department.

General News
***Mac Developer Journal issue number one for your members
Mac Developer Journal is a digital publication geared to Mac developers,
especially new Mac developers who are using Mac OS X's underlying
technologies to create new products that exploit the unique features that
make Mac OS X a remarkable platform for users. We're producing Mac
Developer Journal in conjunction with Macworld.

Send me an email if you are interested in some CD copies of Mac Developer
Journal for your members.

***Do you have a tip, suggestion, or question to share with other user
group leaders? Send me an email and we can post it.

***Put Up an Emerging Technology Conference Banner, Get a Free Book
We're looking for user groups to display our conference banners on
their web sites. If you send me the link to your user group site with
our Emerging Technology Conference  banner, I will send you the
O'Reilly book of your choice.

Emerging Technology Conference Banners and conference descriptions are
available at:

O'Reilly News for User Group Members
October 31, 2003
Book News
-Spidering Hacks
-Programming .NET Windows Applications
Upcoming Events
-Steve Bass ("PC Annoyances"), APCUG User Group Reception--November 16
-Derrick Story ("iPhoto 2: The Missing Manual" & "Digital Photography
Pocket Guide"), North Coast Mac Users Group Author Event--November 18
-Thanks to Everyone Who Attended the Mac OS X Conference
-Registration Is Open for ETech 2004--San Diego, CA
-New O'Reilly Beta Chapters
-PHP Web Services Without SOAP
-Introducing REBOL with Amazingly Easy GUI Programming
-Page Navigation in JavaServer Faces
-XForms and Microsoft InfoPath
-Five More Annoying PC Annoyances
-Confessions of the World's Largest Switcher
-Ten Things I Dig About Xcode
Book News
Did you know you can request a free book to review for your
group? Ask your group leader for more information.

For book review writing tips and suggestions, go to:

Don't forget, you can receive 20% off any O'Reilly book you 
purchase directly from O'Reilly. Just use code DSUG when 
ordering online or by phone 800-998-9938.

***Free ground shipping is available for online orders of at 
least $29.95 that go to a single U.S. address. This offer 
applies to U.S. delivery addresses in the 50 states 
and Puerto Rico.
For more details, go to:

***Spidering Hacks
Order Number: 5776
Written for developers, researchers, technical assistants, librarians, and
power users, "Spidering Hacks" provides expert tips on spidering and
scraping methodologies. You'll get a crash course in spidering concepts,
tools, and ethics (how to know when you've gone too far). You'll collect
media files and data from databases, and you'll learn how to interpret and
understand the data, repurpose it for use in other applications, and even
build authorized interfaces to integrate the data into your own content.

Sample Hacks are available online:

***Programming .NET Windows Applications
Order Number: 3218
"Programming .NET Windows Applications" explores all aspects of using .NET
Windows Forms class libraries and the associated programming tools in
Visual Studio .NET, enabling you to build applications for the Windows 9x,
Windows 2000, and Windows XP desktop platforms. Step-by-step, you'll learn
ways to design applications that either function alone on a PC, or work in
combination with your web-based application server to take advantage of
the richer interface and higher level of security.

Chapter 10, "Drawing and GDI+," is available online:

Upcoming Events
***For more events, please see:

***Steve Bass ("PC Annoyances"), APCUG User Group Reception, 
Las Vegas,NV--November 16
The Association of Personal Computer User Groups is hosting a UG
exhibition and reception from 3:00-5:30 p.m. Drop by the O'Reilly table
and say "hi" to me (Marsee Henon) and author Steve Bass, who will be
signing copies of his new book, "PC Annoyances." (O'Reilly is giving away
a free copy of PC Annoyances to APCUG Attendees--check your welcome goodie
bag!)Stardust Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

***Derrick Story ("iPhoto 2: The Missing Manual," 
"Digital Video Pocket Guide," and "Digital Photography 
Pocket Guide"), North Coast Mac Users Group Author Event, 
Rohnert Park, CA--November 18
Mac DevCenter editor and author Derrick Story (iPhoto 2: The Missing
Manual, Digital Video Pocket Guide, and Digital Photography Pocket Guide)
provides an update on what's happening behind the scenes of Mac
technology: the iSight, .Mac revelations, and interesting new features in
the suite of iApps. Drop by the O'Reilly table to peruse our new Mac
titles. The fun gets underway at 7:00 p.m. Rohnert Park Senior Center,
Rohnert Park, CA.

Conference News
***To Everyone Who Attended the Mac OS X Conference UG 
Gathering Last Tuesday
Thanks for coming! And thanks to Lorene Romero for helping us create,
organize, and plan this event. It was great to meet you all!

Here is the latest Mac OS X Conference Coverage:

***Registration Is Open for ETech 2004--San Diego, CA
Gather with lead users, forward thinkers, and technology activists at
O'Reilly's third annual Emerging Technology Conference to vet the projects
and ideas that will radically alter not just the future of computing, but
the way we live and work. ETech is slated for February 9-12, 2004 in San
Diego, California. Take advantage of our Early Bird discount when you
register before January 9, 2004.

User Group members who register before January 9, 2004 get a double
discount. Use code DSUG when you register, and receive 20% off the
"Early Bird" price.

To register for the conference, go to:

News From O'Reilly & Beyond
General News
***New O'Reilly Beta Chapters
November and December are busy months for new releases from O'Reilly.
Visit our Beta Chapters site to get a preview of upcoming titles,
including: "sendmail Cookbook;" "Mac OS X Panther Pocket Guide;" "Apache
Cookbook;" "SQL Tuning;" "DNS on Windows Server 2003;" and ".NET and

Open Source
***PHP Web Services Without SOAP 
Web services are hot these days, and SOAP gets a lot of the buzz. It's not
the only game in town, though. REST advocates claim their approach is how
the Web was meant to be. You decide. Adam Trachtenberg, coauthor of "PHP
Cookbook," demonstrates how to access Amazon.com's web services with PHP
and REST; no special tools needed!

***Introducing REBOL with Amazingly Easy GUI Programming 
Cross-platform development and deployment is tricky, though modern
toolkits aim to take away some of the troubles. Some languages have
already solved this issue, though. Enter REBOL, a small but powerful
network-enabled programming language. Gregg Irwin introduces the language
by writing a tiny survey application.
***Page Navigation in JavaServer Faces
Any web application with more than one page needs some sort of navigation.
Where does the user go when he logs in? Where does he go if his password
is incorrect? JSF provides an easy-to-update page navigation model in its
Application Configuration file. Budi Kurniawan explains how it works.
***XForms and Microsoft InfoPath
Micah Dubinko, author of "XForms Essentials," compares W3C XForms and
Microsoft InfoPath, the data gathering technology shipping with Microsoft
Office 2003.

XForms Essentials
Order Number: 3692
***Five More Annoying PC Annoyances 
Steve Bass, the author of "PC Annoyances," bumped into more Windows,
Office, Internet, email, and hardware irritations than he could include in
the book. So, rather than waste them, he's included some of them on our
web site. Here are five bonus PC annoyances, and Steve's fix for each.
***Confessions of the World's Largest Switcher 
At the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, Srinidhi Varadarajan reveals the
details behind what it took to build Virginia Tech's G5 Supercomputer.
Find out why he says you can expect to see a lot more G5 clusters in the

***Ten Things I Dig About Xcode
Following in the footsteps of "Ten Things I Dig About Panther," James
Duncan Davidson further explores one of the facets near and dear to Mac
developers--their application development environment. Apple is
introducing Xcode, along with Panther, and Davidson takes it for a spin
and reports on his initial findings.

Until next time--


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