[Kc] Saturation Party

Tom Miller tlgalenson at chatnfiles.com
Sat Dec 6 20:30:33 CST 2003

Your Invited to a "Saturation Party"!
Why am I posting this message here?  1) I need to notify all the warm bodies I can.  Presumably Perl coders have warm bodies.  2) The Chat room is running under a Perl script called Eileen which is derived from a Perl Chatscript called "Easy Chat."

What is exactly a "Saturation party"?
My web provider and I are interested in pushing his web server to its limits.
We would like to see how it runs under a really heavy load.  NO THIS IS NOT A

What's in it for you?  You can Chat with all your friends in this newsgroup
in real-time and/or you can search my collection of over 140,000 files that
are online and download anything you want....  How many are needed?  I don't
really know, but the server is configured to stop accepting connections at 10,000.
So any large number (1,500+) should be sufficient for the test. I will be online in
the Chat system that night.   (My handle is: tlgalenson).

WHEN IS IT?   December 11, 2003 from 7pm to 9pm CST (CST is -6 from GMT).
WHERE IS IT?  www.chatnfiles.com

If you have a chatroom name you want available, you can send me e-mail and I will create
it that evening.  tlgalenson at chatnfiles.com   I have added a full set of "40 Channels" to
my basic chat rooms so that you can find a room with a few enough people you can enjoy
hanging out there.  Yes, you can chat in 1 window and download in another.

PLEASE DON'T FTP.  The files portion of the website is available via FTP also, but this
is a test of the Webserver not the whole server.  So please perform your downloads via
the your browser in http mode.

I will be posting the webserver stat pages from that night at a later time.

Come on down and PARTY!

                          Tom Miller
                          Certified Novell Administrator and
                          Former TBBS and Tsxbbs sysop
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