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Garrett Goebel garrett at scriptpro.com
Wed Aug 20 17:28:29 CDT 2003

We had a decent turn out in August with Teal Ashby, Garrett Goebel, David
Nicol, Michael Morgan, Adam Sajna, Louis Schenick, CJ Scheppers, and Jared
Smith in attendance.

David brought us up to speed on the current happenings with pay2send. For
those who haven't been following along with David's progress over the past 2
years, pay2send is an interesting twist on mail server filtering. But why
use a 3 word description when I could have said: a fee weighted whitelist
and challenge/response filter for Mail Transport Agents (MTAs)?

pay2send is building on top of David's tipjar transaction system,
authentication identy service, and dotgnu's cash box. Among other things
David discussed some of the issues pertinant to getting a handle on the
identities we wish to filter. Why blacklisting wouldn't specifically be
built in, but how it could be achieved by the financial weight placed on
filters for unsolicited email.

David looks forward to the day when pay2send bounces its first message with
an SMTP equivalent of the http 402 error code: "payment required".

CJ asked how to get good error notifications for CGI scripting on barebones
no-frills ISP's. Teal mentioned CGI::Carp's support for sending fatal errors
to the browser. And I later posted an example to the mailing list:
http://www.pm.org/pipermail/kc/2003-August/000133.html. Which showed how to
log warnings and other nonfatal error messages to a file, and fatal errors
to the browser.

There was discussion led by Teal on getting Perl and Apache running on
various flavors of Mac OS's. What was possible and what not. I enjoyed many
of the insights Teal shared on security issues, buffer overflows, etc.
Speaking of which if you like tiny little details you might like to head
over to Gibson Research's site at grc.com.

On the other side of the room discussion Jared started off a thread on
chess, go, strategy and tactics. I have the feeling that were I to sit down
to a game of either with Louis... that despite his friendly and pleasant
demeanor... I'd be in for a beating ;)

At this point, your faithful summerizer had to bow out for the evening...

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