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Object Oriented Perl
Author: Damian Conway
Publisher: Manning
Published: 2000-01
ISBN: 1884777791

OOP is the definitive book on Object Oriented (OO) programming in Perl. It
starts out with a very gentle 20 page primer on essential OO concepts, and
follows on with a 50 page Perl refresher chapter. The best hardboiled
synopsis of essential Perl concepts which this reader has yet read. This is
one of those rare books which will thoroughly teach beginners, and yet
continue to hold rapt, surprise, and inform more advanced readers as well.

The book is a well paced introduction to OO, illustrating and implementing
the core concepts of OO in the context of Perl. While the earliest chapters
serve as building blocks to those that follow, the later chapters need not
be read front to back, but rather as the topic appeals to the reader. 

Topics covered include: inheritance, polymorphism, ties, operator
overloading, encapsulation, genericity, multiple dispatch, and persistent
objects. Each topic is introduced along with code which highlights how each
technique helps to solve common real world problems. As various tips,
tricks, and pitfalls are covered, the reader will often find themselves
revisiting and evolving improved solutions to familiar problems.

A lot of languages implement a particular flavor of OO. And indeed, OOP
shows a variety of the techniques and flavors of OO and how they may be
implemented in Perl. -Explaining when and where each may best be used, and
trade-offs involved. As a result, the reader comes away from the book with a
greater understanding of OO, and not just a single style embraced by a
particular language.

Conway is well-known and respected throughout the Perl community. His
writing is clever, humorous, and while information dense... surprisingly
easy to follow. There is a sense of grace and continuity to his writing
which made this book a real pleasure to read. 

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