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Will Willis will.willis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 18:25:47 PST 2013

When "big" features are announced with a release, undoubtedly someone in
the community will post slides or a write up on the new release, why you
should start using it in production tomorrow, yadda, yadda... given/when,
defined-or, and named captures are a few that come to mind, I think that
was back in 5.10, and there was certainly a lot to write around that time.

I wasn't able to find any write ups online for the latest release, either
there were no newsworthy new features, or my google-foo is weak. I know
about perlXdelta.pod, that shows the delta between the last release of
perl, but is there a way to programmatically get a synopsis of new features
(and/or fixes) in perl-Y since perl-X?  Specifically, I'm curious what
great new features I should be using that were introduced after 5.10 (not
that I'm even using all of those yet), but would like to learn how to fish
for these answers myself (if possible) rather than posting to a list :)


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